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updated 6/1/2010

Streaming Window not opening up?
You may need to disable your pop up blockers. Many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome have built in pop up blockers. You may need to go into the settings and disable the pop up blocker or allow and as a safe and/or trusted site to allow pop ups. Many toolbar services such as Yahoo or Google Toolbar also have additional pop up blocker options that may need to have allowance.


What do I need?
The streaming audio player utilizes Windows Media Player. It is highly advised to upgrade your player to the latest version. To download the latest version click the following link

Why doesn't my player work?
The streaming audio player will not operate with any pop up blockers enabled.
The streaming audio player may not function properly if your internet security settings are too high.You may also experience where the status is ready but no audio. In this case keep hitting the Play button to attempt to establish a connection. If this does not establish a connection and it keeps going back to the READY status please read the instructions below.

The streaming audio player will temporarily open up a connection to your computer to allow the streaming to occur. You must allow this permission for the player to function properly. You may be prompted to allow this connection to occur every time.

What if I'm using a firewall?
The streaming audio player may not function properly if you are using firewall software.
Try clearing your temporary internet files and disabling your firewall until the stream begins and then re-enable if so desired. Strong corporate firewalls may prevent streaming access to your computer.

For users with Windows Media 10 on Windows XP who are having trouble connecting to the Windows Media stream:

Open Windows Media Player and go to Tools and Options and click on the Network tab.  Uncheck the box that says UDP.  Click OK and close Windows Media Player.  Go back to the homepage and try again to listen.

If that doesn't work, open Windows Media Player.  On the menu click Tools then Options.  A box will open.  On the Player tab toward the bottom check "Connect to the Internet".  Then click OK.  Close windows media player and go to the homepage and try to listen.

If those options do not work then try the following

First, open our streaming player page.
Right click in the player area and choose Options

1. Click on the Network Tab at the top
2.Make sure the Checkbox is checked for Use Ports..
   you can keep it on default setting of 7000-7007
3. Mirror the other settings as recommended below
4. Click Apply and then OK
5. Re-open the Streaming player and press the Play button to establish a new connection with these settings. It may take 3-4 times but should then connect immediately thereafter


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