B100 Cash Call Y'all Info

B100 Cash Call Y'all Official Rules

  1. How to participate in the contest:
    1. Starting Thursday, March 28th, 2013 you can register online at www.B100.com, on the B100 Facebook Page, on the B100 Mobile App, and/or join the VIB Email Club. Then starting on Thursday, April 4th 2013, listen to B100 Monday thru Friday for your name to be announced at 8:10am, 11:10am, 1:10pm, and 3:10pm

  2. Eligibility / Restriction:
    1. The contest is open to all B100 listeners who are 18 years or older. You
      must be able to prove you are at least 18 and have a valid social security number to play. Only one winner per household every 30 days.
    2. Valid state identification (ex. Driver’s License/Identification Card) is required to claim a prize or participate in any contest. Winners will be required to show proof of identity when claiming a prize.
    3. Employees of WBYT, Federated Media, all other Media outlets, affiliated entities, their affiliated advertising agencies, participating sponsors, promotional companies involved in this promotion, as well as family and household members of the same, are ineligible to participate or win.
    4. Any prize or certificate not claimed within thirty days of winning will be forfeited by the winner. In the event that a prize or certificate is mailed to the winner, it will be with the prior written consent of the winner and therefore, winner assumes the risk of its arrival. WBYT, Federated Media and its counterparts are not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate.
    5. Listeners and their households are eligible to win only once during the contest.
    6. Contest may be shortened or extended at station discretion, based on cash prize budget availability.
  1. How the Contest Works:
    1. Log onto http://www.B100.com, the B100 Facebook Page, the B100 Mobile App, and join the VIB Email Club and complete the registration form, submitting your name, phone number, city, email address and birthdate. Contestants only need to register once during this promotion, but can register on all platforms mentioned above. Beginning Thursday, April 4th, 2013, listen to B100 at approximately 8:10am, 11:10am, 1:10pm, and 3:10pm. B100 will announce the name of a registered contestant. If the registered contestant calls the B100 studio line (888-817-2100) within 10 minutes of their name being announced, they are the winner.

  2. The Prize
    1. Monday-Friday on-air the prize to be awarded is a cash prize equivalent to the amount in jackpot at time of winning.
    2. All prize winners must be verified in person, with a valid driver's license at the
      WBYT B100 Studio's 237 Edison Rd, Mishawaka, IN during business hours which are Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST. Prizes may not be substituted and are nontransferable.
  1. Conditions and Disqualification:
    1. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate in this Contest will be disqualified
      and may be subject to legal action. The station is not responsible for failure or inability to complete a phone call, whether due to equipment malfunction, busy lines or otherwise.
    2. Decisions of station management with respect to the contest are final.
    3. The payments of all federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of prize winners. Contest winners of $600.00 or more will be required to sign a prize acceptance form and will have an IRS Form 1099 or the equivalent thereof be issued to them.
    4. WBYT reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the contest which will become effective upon announcement.
  1. Use of Names/Likeness/Voice:
    Calling in to participate in this contest constitutes permission for B-100 to tape the caller’s voice and use it on the air.  All telephone calls during the contest may be taped without further permission being granted by the caller.  As a condition of receiving their prizes, winners must agree to allow the Station and/or its designees, the right to use the winner's name, likeness, portrait, recorded voice and/or biographical material for an unlimited period of time in order to advertise, promote and publicize the Station.
  1. Rules List:
    Copies of these rules are available at WBYT offices: 237 W Edison Rd, Mishawaka, IN during regular business hours 8a-5p M-F or by sending a request, along with a self addressed stamped envelope, to the Station at the above listed address.


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