By: Growing Kids Learning Center

Summer camp brings a lot of peace of mind to us parents.

When we send our kids to summer camp, we know that they’ll be engaged in fun, physical activities instead of sitting around on their phones, tablets, video games and televisions. We also know that their brains will be stimulated, which will make returning to school in August easier.

It’s also nice to know that the kids are taken care of and safe while we’re at work.

Like we said, that’s a lot of peace of mind!

But kids love summer camp too—and the reasons are as unique as our kiddos themselves. Here are 8 Growing Kids Learning Center kids explaining why they love summer camp.



“My favorite part of summer camp is going on the diving board at Merrifield. I did front flips and I never belly flopped. One time I tried to do a backflip but I ended up doing a side flip. My other favorite part was the pie-eating contest. I won!”





“My favorite part was when we went bowling, because I really liked that all my friends cheered me on. We also got to ride the go-karts and one of my friends accidentally bumped into me. It was fun! For Father’s Day, we went to Rum Village and my grandpa and my aunt and cousins came. It was really nice to get to spend time with them.”





My favorite part is when we’re here. When we come back from field trips, we play games like Uno and Tenzi (a dice game), War, Speed, Trouble and Slapjack. We go outside and play footballl and tag and we’d play kickball. I also liked Cooking Wednesday. We got to make food. One time we made mozzarella sticks!”




“I liked going swimming and when we made art. We made snowflakes and trees. I liked it because it was colorful. I also liked going to Merrifield Park because it had a lot more to do there than other parks.”





“One time we got to hang out at Hannah’s House to help the special needs kids. We also got to feed the horses there. That was my favorite. The second best part is when we got to play with our friends.”





“My favorite part was going to the Kroc Center. The pool there had awesome slides. One was dark but then there were a bunch of colors, and then I fell into the whirlpool! We played shark tag, so we had to go underwater and you had to tag people underwater.”





“My favorite part of summer camp was going to the parks and also Pigeon and Hen Pottery. I also liked going to downtown Mishawaka because it just felt alive there. I also really like doing arts and crafts at summer camp. Once we put paint blotches everywhere and then we would take a straw and blow it so it made colors go everywhere.”




“I love going swimming because it was really hot outside. We went twice a week and splashed around.”





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