By: Brittney Baily

It seemed like yesterday we were counting down the days until summer break would be here, and now just as quick, it’s time to pack up the school supplies and navigate a new school year!

What a year our students have faced!

The anxieties of a new year is always daunting, but what about going from one normal of e-learning to a new normal of in-person learning? For some, this is especially challenging when coming from broken homes.

Amber is a special Mom in my heart and she is so sweet to share some important and pertinent information that could save a life! Amber is a foster parent trainer for the National Youth Advocate Program, and I can’t stress enough the impact she has made on so many incredible children’s lives!


Hello B100 Moms!

I’m so happy that Brittney asked me to put together some information on the need we are facing in Indiana for foster parents.  As we come up on our new school year, the need will rise very quickly, especially this year.  The number one most common occupation to call the child abuse hotline has always been teachers in our area.  These children and teenagers come back to school with strong trusting relationships with their teachers and open up to them or teachers are very observant to possible issues happening at home.  The number of foster children will skyrocket but the people interested in becoming foster parents do not match that need.  This year is going to be especially complicated since last school year had a high number of children who did not return to face to face yet shows us the hard truth that there were children trapped at home in quarantine in abusive and neglectful situations.  Due to this, we foresee the numbers being even higher than what we have seen in the past.

Our area is blessed with many opportunities on how to get licensed as a foster parent.  Personally,  I have been in the social work field for 11 years and am currently the foster parents’ trainer for National Youth Advocate Program.  I would love to have conversations with anyone and answer all the questions that you can come up with.  I am very confident in my training role and I am always sure to send out new foster parents into licensing fully prepared to be a successful foster parent.  All of our trainings are over Zoom which you can complete at the comfort of your home and you will be licensed in about 60 days. If you have room in your home and your heart let’s chat, you can make a difference in someone’s life while giving back to your community.

I can be reached at 219-363-7803 or



Please be aware of the lives of the children around you and be mindful of what they may be facing privately. If it is on your heart to become a foster parent, don’t hesitate in a notion that will change lives with your support and love!

Be blessed B100 MomSquad and reach out to me anytime with any topics, questions, or comments you may have!

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