By: Brittney Baily

Summer is FINALLY here!!

When is the last time you had some time to yourself? Commuting to work and chauffeuring the kids don’t count!

With 4 kids at home and working full time, I honestly couldn’t tell you when the last time was that I had Mom time.


My co-host, and B100 Resident Dad, Zach Miller knew this and decided to make a bet that if he lost in a game of mini-golf then he had to watch my kids. Challenge accepted!! My kids adore him, so it was nothing but cheers when I won! They weren’t happy for my exceedingly wonderful mini golf skills, but more elated that THE Zach Miller was going to hang out with them for the afternoon.

When he came to watch the kids, I booked a 25-minute chair massage and a thrifting trip to Goodwill. I’ve never had a massage before, and so it wasn’t really a surprise when she kept telling me how tense I was. Plus having 3 kids share your bed probably doesn’t help either!  😉


While I wasn’t gone terribly long, it was a nice reset! The kids had a fabulous time with Zach, so much so that they were so sad when he had to go.

It was so great knowing my kids were having a fabulous time, and I had such peace of mind knowing they were in great hands. I missed them, even though I was only gone for about 2 hours!

Even if it is just for a few hours, I hope you have a support system in place to make sure you hit the reset button every once in a while!


Remember that in the daily care of your little ones, you ARE nurturing their souls to be the best humans they can be, and you’ll look back and know these were the best golden days!

Let me know what YOU would do with 2 hours of free time!

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After we discussed the “stakes” for the bet, I was excited…because that meant either Brittney was cleaning out my car, or I was going to be hanging out with her crew for a few hours.

Obviously, I need to work on my short game, because I got absolutely whooped. But a deal is a deal. So, post Coffee Cruise Wednesday, I went to her house to relieve her babysitter and watch her littles.

We had a blast! Getting the chance to know Brittney’s family better was both fun and entertaining. She has a great group of littles that are so happy and kind, and when you meet them, they’ll brighten your day. All of them have unique personalities that are a reflection of Brittney and her husband, Patrick; and they are a charming and enjoyable bunch.

As a dad, I’ve learned that when hanging out, I just let them do what they want to do and go along for the ride… within reason. 😉 They took me on a quick tour and we originally wound up in the basement playing video games and checking out Brittney’s marvelous VHS collection.

After a couple rounds of Wii games, we went upstairs and out the front door. It was great to experience Brittney’s neighborhood firsthand on bikes, as we pedaled up and down the street on the sidewalk. All 3 of the older ones are so full of life-giving energy, and that’s a testament to the incredible job she and her husband are doing.

So pat yourself on the back, bring in a babysitter, and take a break sometime. You’ve earned it!


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