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For more than a decade now, we’ve been hearing about how detrimental technology can be for our children. The more gadgets that hit the market, the more problems we start to see within our homes and educational systems because kids are simply using it too much.

Excessive screen time among children can mean less physical activity and greater difficulty socializing. According to a study conducted by Childwise in 2015, ​kids between the ages of 5 and 16 average around 6.5 hours of screen time per day​. That’s over 90 days a year of staring at a screen… and that study is three years old. Imagine how much time our kids are spending with screens in 2019!


Thankfully, the solution to this problem is within your grasp. Here are few tips to help make the transition from screen time to play time much easier for mom and child — without having to physically pull the screens away.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Finding the motivation to be active can be difficult for everyone, but especially for kids who would rather play video games. If your child sees you putting forth the effort to get moving, they are more likely to join in without hesitation. Help make a change by getting your child pumped up and showing them just how easy it is to move! Start a water gun fight in your backyard, take Sparky for a walk to the dog park or, if the weather is right, find your nearest pool/lake and go swimming! If you already have a normal exercise routine, make sure your kids can see you — or get them to join in

Find Their Passion

Figure out what your child likes and run with it! By tapping into their personal interests, they are more likely to want to get engaged and start socializing! For example, if your child is into cars, you could search for the nearest upcoming car show or even swing by the Studebaker National Museum to check out everything from antique cars to military vehicles. What if they love animals? You could take your child to your county’s Humane Society or another local animal shelter to help volunteer! Your child’s passion may not be obvious at first, but trying different things could potentially spark their interest in something new and exciting. Maybe try taking a cooking class to teach them a lifelong skill, while also getting in some quality time. The options are endless.

Plan A Day Trip

You can only go to the park so many times before your kids are going to want to explore something different. Get them motivated by planning a special day trip with them. You can go to a bigger city like Chicago or Indianapolis, or simply plan an outing at several locations nearby. Give them the opportunity to pick the destination and even help you make the arrangements. For example, if your child likes animals, suggest taking them to the zoo or an aquarium, then choose nearby destinations that you can explore while walking around. Sports fans might like a visit to Blackthorn Topgolf Swing Suites in Granger, where they can play sports simulators and other fun games like zombie dodgeball. Stadiums such as Notre Dame may even give you the chance to take a private tour to visit the locker rooms and the field—it doesn’t hurt to call and ask. If your kid likes to cook, pick out a recipe and take them shopping for the ingredients. They can prepare all of the items and make the recipe, then invite their friends over so they can eat it together.

Compensation Can Be Key

Although bribery may not be your first choice in getting your child motivated, offering some type of reward could be the key to getting them up and moving! Come up with a list of “fun” errands that delivers some sort of reward or sense of accomplishment in the end. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful herb garden. Why not put your kids to work in the dirt to plant those seeds? Remind them of how rewarding it will be to watch those plants thrive from all of their hard work and nurturing!

Looking up from our phones and exploring the world around us is necessary for our kids to be active and build social skills that they will need for their entire lives. Be the change this summer and get those kiddos moving any way you can. You can do it, Mom!

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