Martin’s is back and bringing you one seriously delicious way to get your hands on a pair of 23rd B100 Birthday Party tickets!

Who: This promotion applies to ALL of our loyal B100 Birthday Party goers

What: 16 piece chicken for $18.99

When: each Friday night between June 30th and July 28th from 4:00p-9:00p

Where: The Deli of any of your local Martin’s Super Markets

How: Simply go up to the deli and tell the deli clerk you want the Martin’s Friday Night Chicken Special for the B100 birthday party. The deli clerk will prepare your box and put a special Birthday Party sticker on it. When you pay for the chicken the cashier will note the special sticker on your box and give you a pair of 23rd B100 Birthday Party tickets at the register.

**Please note: Tickets will be available at the standard checkout lanes, in addition to the side door deli lanes.**