Do you know a deserving military veteran or an active armed forces member who needs a FREE HOME MAKEOVER?

The award-winning home improvement TV show Military Makeover with Montel and B100 are now casting the next military family to be featured on the series right here in Michiana!

Want to change someone’s life? Visit the link below.
In partnership with Patrick Industries.

Selection Rules

The Selection of a Military Makeover Veteran

● Veterans must have a good “Military story” to share or educate
● 100% Honorable Discharge from the Military or be an active armed forces member”
● Must be a homeowner (not a mobile) home
● Must want to live in this home for the next 5 years
● Veterans must be available to film during backstory about one month prior to makeover for 3 days
and during 2 weeks of filming the following month during the makeover
● Must be willing to stay at an Airbnb or a hotel (that we provide) or stay with family for 2 weeks
● Our Veterans need a hand up as the repairs / condition of their homes need updating
● Veterans must be able to participate in local adventures as we plan outings specifically for them
(must be able to travel within 2 hours of their home)
● Must be located within an hour of a major airport
● Must live within 30 minutes of Home Depot or Lowes
● Must be willing to have everyone living in the home over the age of 18 submit to a background
● Must be willing to pack everything within the home / we move all furniture and belongings to a storage facility

Condition of Veteran’s Home:
(These are the areas we look to improve when we can, we may not do them all, but we do many)

● AC
● Bathrooms
● Flooring
● Furniture
● Garage
● Kitchen Appliances
● Kitchen Cabinets
● Landscaping
● Painting
● Roof
● Siding
● Storage
● Windows

Applications can be submitted to:
The application will request the following details:

● A biography about the Veteran including his family, married, kids ages etc.
● The Veteran’s Military Story, his/her branch of service, where he/she was stationed, what he/she
experienced in the Military, etc.
● Veteran’s Home Address
● Veteran’s phone number and availability for a phone call