2 pounds of 80/20 ground chuck
Salt, Pepper, Garlic salt mix (7 tbsp salt, 4 tbsp pepper, 4 tbsp garlic salt)
Pepper Jack cheese slices
1/2 stick melted butter
Pretzel Buns


The key to a perfect burger is the meat to fat ratio. I always use 80/20 ground chuck. Form the meat into 1/2 pound patties, trying not to pack the patties too tightly. After forming the patties, give each patty a press with your thumb forming a dimple in the middle of the burger. This keeps the middle from puffing up while cooking.

Place the patties over direct heat on a medium to high heat. Season the burger with your salt, pepper, garlic salt mixture. You want to cook each side of the patty 4 to 5 minutes based upon how well done you like your burger. Only flip the burger once and never press the burger with your spatula. If you do, all of the juices will be lost.

Next, you want to remove the burgers from the grill and place the pepper jack cheese on the burger and let them rest for a couple minutes. This is a good time to freshen up the beverage of your choice, and toast your pretzel buns. Brush melted butter on both the top and bottom bun and throw onto the rack of the grill. Close lid and let toast for 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown.

It’s time now to build your burger. Place burger on bottom bun. Then take your top bun and spread a generous amount of guacamole over the bun. Take a slice of tomato and put a sprinkle of SPG mixture on it and place on the bun with the guacamole.

Place top bun on burger and enjoy the perfect guacamole burger.

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