By: Brittney Baily

Growing up, I was homeschooled K-12. Before you make any “weird homeschooler” jokes, I will stop you there. NO! I was NOT in the spelling bee. And yes, I’m “normal.” 

Joking aside, I wouldn’t have changed one thing about my education. I was able to work when I was 14 and graduated early. I was enrolled in a program that was accredited, so when I say I was homeschooled, I know this is the reaction I get:

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But trust me, it was legit….

When it came time to graduate, I decided not to go to college. I wanted to wait a year to save money and decide what I really wanted to pursue.

Although I had some aunts who thought they knew what was best for me, I wasn’t going to go into debt to find out I made a mistake in school, major, etc. It was in that year after high school that I was hired on at my first radio gig. It truly fell in my lap, but the first time I walked into a studio, I knew this was what I was born to do. 

This was my journey, yet we all have different life paths that lead to success!

Esther is a mom in our Mom Squad who has had two back-to-back graduates in her family, and she is a rock star mom. I asked her what it’s like to prep not only for the grad party (yes, start thinking about it now, moms of seniors), but also life with a high school senior about to create a new normal for everyone! 

She gave great advice! She never pushed her boys to make a decision that she wanted them to make. She allowed them the freedom to explore different opportunities, talking with guidance counselors and schools to make the best decision in their best interest. Both of her boys are taking different paths, but she supports them 100% as long as they are doing something to better themselves, and are happy in it. 

She wanted them to answer the “Why?” behind any decision they made. She also carves out time weekly to have one-on-one opportunities with all of her boys. It’s an investment that benefits everyone!

When it came to the graduation parties, she tried to stretch her dollars to go further for fun parties that wouldn’t break the bank.

Paying for things in advance, hosting out of your home, utilizing generous family and friend offers to help, coupons, and Pinterest. She also gives great ideas if you are walking into a new season of life with a high school senior!!

Check out our conversation in the latest Squadcast episode:

Esther says that as hard as it is for parents to get acquainted with a new normal where it feels like we’re pushing them out of the nest, it’s such an exciting time for our sons or daughters who feel like independent adulthood is right around the corner. See this exciting time from THEIR eyes and sit back to allow them to learn from experience, try new things, and always be available for them if they need you. 

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