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  • Rocket Popsicle Hard Seltzer – Eating popsicles is the epitome of summertime as a child; whether they be ice cream, push pop sherbets, or rocket pops. This one definitely plays on that nostalgia and it’s one of the first (to my knowledge) to do so. Originally it was a sour beer that they fruited, and it’s come back in a new form as a hard seltzer. It’s got the blueberry, cherry, and lemon flavor to take you back to a simpler time, and it comes in at a tiny 5%, but only in 16oz. Drinker beware, you’re in for a good time.
    Bomb Pop Beverage

    Soooo good.


  • Lil’ Sour Me America – This likens to what the previous one had done with the first version – a fruited sour. They use cherry, raspberry puree, plus some lime juice to create that iconic popsicle. It’s nice, and light at only a 5.5%, and uses traditional Saaz hops found in a Miller Lite or other light lagers. As I was picking up the aforementioned seltzer, the clerk asked if I would want to try this one, and I thought, “sure, why not, you can never have too many American-inspired beers for the holiday weekend”. I’ll put a brief warning on this one, if you’re not a sour fan, I would probably bypass it and go with the Rocket Popsicle Seltzer.

Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co

  • Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – This one is not only made I’m by our neighbors to the south, but Brittney and I found out that one of the founding fathers is a father of Dillon Carmichael, who’s performing at tonight’s Red, Wine, and Brew. It’s a strong ale, which means it likens to a barley wine or Belgian style, that drinks like a stout, but has some interesting characteristics. It has a dark candy flavor, but a nice balance of vanilla and oak. Don’t expect many hops from it, but do anticipate a higher ABV than most beers as this clocks in at 8.2%. 


  • Tropical Oberon – This one most closely resembles a witbier from the German and Belgian style of brewing. Typically this wheat is solid with or without the added orange peel. Bells has created it as their spring/Summer tradition. So now, imagine not only adding orange, but instead mango, pink guava, and passion fruit to the beer…you’ve got a whole new style. It’s a limited release that is perfect for this weekend’s festivities; plus you’ll have your guests wondering if there’s more in the fridge. You should probably stick up, as it only comes in 4 packs, and like I mentioned, it’s limited.

Boston Brewing 

  • Sam Adam’s Boston Lager – Named after one of the Founding Fathers of our American Revolution, and a significant figure in the coming of our freedom; this beer has several characteristics that revolutionized modern craft beer. This one is a Vienna-style with rich notes of molasses, graham cracker, and brown sugar; with an ever so soft flavor of hops. After drinking a traditional light lager, this one may be a step in a different direction; as it brings about a different more complex sweetness. It’s amazingly balanced and one that I often will go to, especially if hosting a party for friends from all different beer backgrounds. 
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