In today’s world, kids spend on average 3 hours a day on their screens — and now that school is back in session, that means that they’ll want to use devices like phones, tablets, and video games almost as soon as they get home.

You can’t keep your kid off screens 100 percent of the time—and after all, the ability to interact with technology is a useful skill that our kids will benefit from as they get older. That’s why it’s also important to make sure the time they spend with screens is educational and not just mindless entertainment.

Here are some of our favorite educational and fun apps that your kids will love.

NOGGIN — iOS, Android

Ages: 2 – 7

Price: 7-day free trial, then $7.99/month

This app from Nick Jr. pairs your child’s favorite cartoon characters like the PAW Patrol crew and Peppa Pig with educational videos and games that will teach your preschooler their letters and numbers, among other lessons.

DUOLINGO — iOS, Android, Kindle

Ages: 4 – Adult

Price: Free version available or $9.99/month

Duolingo is the most popular app available that can teach your child (or you) more than 30 languages, including Spanish, French, German and even English. You can use it for free and access all educational content or you can pay $9.99 per month to remove ads and unlock bonus features.

GONOODLE — iOS, Android

Ages: 4-10

Price: Free, no in-app purchases

This app is a great way to motivate young kids to get moving. New videos are uploaded every week that teach kids mindfulness, dance and even yoga. The videos were developed by a team of child development experts to ensure that they are fun, engaging and effective at getting kiddos to make their screen time active.


Ages: 4-9

Price: $2.99

This adorable game doesn’t come with instructions, so kids must use problem-solving skills and the laws of physics to beat each level. It starts off easy but each level is just a little bit harder, so kids won’t be turned off by the challenge — they’ll love it!

BOX ISLAND — iOS, Android

Ages: 6 – 13

Price: Free, in-app purchases for additional levels

Teach your kids the skills they need to learn how to code with this fun, problem-solving game. The game is colorful, bright and gender-neutral, so any kid can enjoy having fun. The first 10 levels are free, and then additional levels are available for up to $7.99.


Ages: 12 – College

Price: Free

If your middle school, high school or college student is struggling with homework, this app can help. Ask it a question on a variety of subjects and it will search the web for the best online resources to teach your child about the subject—not just get the easy answer. Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to create study guides and the Google AI makes sure additional academic resources are just a tap away.


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