Evil Czech – GG Patton Pilsner

One of the best breweries to watch the race in town – they have a TV in every corner. They also have the General George Patton Pilsner – was a general in the United States Army who served in World War 2. This one, made in memory of him, is a delicious take on the european style pilsner…with european hops, too. It’s very light, drinkable, and a must try if it’s your first time visiting. They also have it available in 16oz 4pks. 

Daredevil Brewing – Vacation

This brewery is a 2 minute car ride from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They’ve been in our area for some time, and if you’re looking for it you’ll notice the label has a racing helmet. From their description, they say this beer is perfect for everyday relaxation. And they’re right. It’s light, there’s a crispy factor to it, and it’s a sessionable 5%. If you’re looking for something that’s comparable to a light lager, but you want a little more summer flavor, this is the perfect one for the weekend!

Firestone Walker – Luponic Distortion Series number 18

This is a series of IPAs that Firestone walker releases and they are big, bright, and tropical. So if you’re looking for something that has tropical fruit aromas, with punchy flavors of white grape, passionfruit, peach and pink grapefruit all derived exclusively from 100% New Zealand Hops. This one clocks in at a 5.9%, which is relatively low for an IPA, so it’s almost sessionable. Also, I picked this one since New Zealander, Scott Dixon is at the Pole Position for Sunday’s race. 

Sun King – Wee Mac Scottish Style Ale

You cannot go wrong with this Indianapolis Brewery. They’re about a 15 minute car ride from the Brickyard. But they also have other locations and taprooms in and around the city. Their Wee Mac is malty and very bold – you’ll find flavors of hazelnut, caramel, toffee, and even a little cocoa. This one is light when it comes to abv, sitting at a 5.3%. But it’s also one that I’ll start drinking when the sun goes down, because it’s not as refreshing as the others I’ve mentioned. Delicious beer though!

Rochester Mills – Milkshake Stout

Winners drink milk! It’s been a tradition since 1936. This one from Rochester Mills is like a chocolate milk in your glass. It’s a stout, so another one I would drink as the evening progresses. It’s brewed with Milk sugar and cocoa to give it a nice, light mouthfeel…almost smooth, with not much bite. It’s also really sessionable for how big and bold it may taste, as it’s only 5%.

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