It’s a great time to pack up the RV, camper, or Tent and sit around the fire. Here are five beers I would have around a fire while camping.

Bud Light Lime

  • With the sweltering heat…a nice cool, crisp lager is what I like to be drinking. When you’re camping, it’s about convenience and bringing as few items as possible to the site…because it’s about roughing it. This one takes care of two things – beer and lime for it. It has all the deliciousness of a Bud Light, with a twist of lime flavor. It also clocks in at 4.2% so you can have a few while you sit around the fire and enjoy your evening.


  • Wheat Ale – It’s their own classic rendition of the Belgian Wit…similar to 312, or Oberon, or Blue Moon. There’s a nice orange and coriander balance, not a whole lot of hops nor a bitterness. It’s another one that’s great for hot summer days, or hanging around a fire, because with or without the fruit added it’s delicious. This one has a really low abv 4.7%, so a little higher than Bud Light, but you can still have a few.


  • All Day IPA – Speaking of low abv’s, this next one has the same 4.7% as Upland’s. All Day IPA was one that put Founder’s ahead of its time, and it’s one of their most popular, and highest selling beers. It’s an Indian Session Ale. Not everyone can or wants to sit around and drink high percentage IPAs while sitting around the fire, having conversations late into the evening. If you need and want something that has all the bitter and complex balance from a traditional IPA, but one-third to a half of the percentage, this is the way to go. 

Sierra Nevada

  • Hazy Little Thing – This one is a little higher in percentage than the last 3, but it’s still relatively low for the style. Hazy beers in cans have been getting increasingly popular, because they’re easy to drink and easy to take with you to a party or your next camping adventure. It’s a 6.7% New England style which means it has the nice haze, and while the hops are present, they don’t overpower your taste buds. It’s incredibly smooth and drinkable. I would recommend pouring this one into your solo cup, so you can get the hop nose and experience the full flavor rolling across your tongue. Sometimes the metal can is a hindrance, but the convenience outweighs the taste at times.

Naked River Brewing

  • Chocolate Moon Pie Stout – One common dessert made around the campfire is the s’more, and the Moon Pie resembles it so much. The nose is like a chocolate bar, it’s got a rich, sweet cocoa smell to it; and there’s no denying it will be sweet to taste. After the first sip, I got a velvety smoothness that rolls over the tongue with the hints of marshmallow and graham cracker. As it rolls to the back, I started experiencing the chocolate flavor, and a little heat. You warned me about it being an 8%, and I definitely got some of that, but it’s perfect for that night cap. It’s also one that is perfect for sipping and letting to come up to temperature, because that only enhances the flavor. Also, in between sips, I really got the graham cracker flavor. It was amazing, and I have to thank Brittney for bringing this all the way from Chattanooga as a souvenir.

    The beer Brittney brought back for me from Chattanooga.


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