• Gone with the Wind (1939) – This is one of the most epic historical romance films ever made…and if adjusted for inflation, one of the highest grossing films of all time. Being that it takes place in Georgia, I had to go with Georgia’s own.. Sweetwater Brewing Company and their 420 Extra Pale Ale. Funny that it’s a southern brew, because it’s a great example of a West Coast Style IPA. Delicious, stimulating hops – including Centennial (one of my all time favorites) and Cascade. Also, when you look at the package it looks like a highway sign with the numbers 420. Why 420…it was first brewed April 20th, 1997!


  • The Sound of Music (1965) – The hills are alive in this classic musical…and it takes place in Austria with the Von Trapp family. Being that’s where it is on the map, I wanted to go with a popular Austrian Beer – Stiegl Goldbrau – helles lager that drinks very similar to what we have for our popular pilsners. Like the name suggests, it’s gold in color and has a slightly gentle bitterness…bringing about that crisp and refreshing flavor. It’s sessionable ABV of 5% will have you singing along to “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”


  • Rain Man (1988) – Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman play a pair of brothers taking a cross-country trip to LA for originally selfish reasons, and it ends up being a really heartwarming story. My wife and I watched it recently and we were in tears by the end. The movie starts in Cincinatti and they make their way across the country from there. But I wanted to pair this one with a favorite Cinci brewery – Rheinegeist. And their Bubbles Rose Ale. It’s slightly tart, with apples, peach and cranberry…it’s also go a pink hue and clocks in at a 6.2%.. It’s somewhat sour, but a new take on a fruit ale.


  • Titanic (1997) – This one takes place on a ship…a famous one…and a love story of Jack and Rose…within a story based on actual events. It won 11 Academy awards and was the highest grossing film of all time until the same director, James Cameron followed it up with Avatar. Being that this one is on the water for much of the movie, I wanted something Nautical. And Ballast Point from San Diego is what I’m gonna go with. They have a beer called Sculpin. It’s a straightaway west coast IPA that has huge notes of peach, apricot, mango, and lemon. It also has some variants that come in grapefruit, pineapple, habanero, and spruce tip.


  • The Departed (2006) – Another Leo DiCaprio movie…and honestly one of my favorites. Great film with a great cast – including Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Mark Whalburg. It’s a Martin Scorcese movie…so you know it’s good. Being that this one takes place in boston, there’s only one beer to pair with it and that is Sam Adams Boston Lager. It was one of the first beers I ever had that made me realize there was more to beer than the crispy, refreshing, pale yellow kind that’s always the most popular. This one is full bodied, kind of has an amber hue, and it’s well balanced with the malt and hops. Boston Beer also ranks number 2 on the list of top 50 craft breweries in the US.
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