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Summer is the time of year that kids have been waiting for since the first day of school. They can finally break free from routine, play outside and of course, there’s no homework.

Although the first month can feel like a dream, the inevitable feeling of boredom is lurking right around the corner. Luckily, places like summer camp exist!

Your child might be hesitant at first, but it’s a guaranteed way to keep their mind and body stimulated during those long summer months. Here are 6 major benefits of sending your kids to summer camp.

Experience New Things

Camp is typically a great place to try new things. It could be the place where a kid learns how to play tennis or touch a wild animal (with adult supervision) at the zoo. A kid might try a new food that they’ve never had before, build something for the first time or take a field trip to someplace new. These new experiences are invaluable to building confidence.

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Real Life Lessons

Although many summer camps incorporate education into their programs, nothing beats the real-life lessons that children can learn from camp. Sometimes math and science must take a back seat in order for your kid to experience the world in its entirety. From socializing to being exposed to different perspectives, your child will most likely learn some lessons that they can use throughout the rest of their lives.

Make New Friends

Your child might already have plenty of friends but finding a friend at summer camp is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. By freeing themselves from the social expectations at their school, your child might actually find it easier to make friends at camp. Experiencing something new alongside one another may just help them form an unbreakable bond that could last into adulthood.

Get Unplugged

Instead of your child being glued to their phone all summer, camp is a great way for them to unplug and engage in some fun physical activities! Many camps offer a variety of events that will get your child’s blood pumping. Between swimming lessons and organized sports, your kids won’t even remember what YouTube is.

Develop Some Independence

Now that Mom and Dad are nowhere to be found, it’s easier for your child to gain some independence and make some decisions on their own. The amount of confidence they will gain from doing things themselves is priceless and gives you one more thing to be proud of.

Occupy Their Time

We all know that work doesn’t stop when school does and keeping your child occupied during the summer can seem to be an impossible task. Camp is a great way to prevent the infamous “I’m bored” comments by giving them something to look forward to everyday! Plus, it takes away the headache for parents trying to figure out what to do to keep their kids occupied.

Growing Kids Learning Center’s Summer Camp is a guaranteed great experience for kids from kindergarten to age 12. Find out about our affordable weekly rates!

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