By: Brittney Baily

Summer zoomed by at a million miles per hour and just like that….it’s over! School is back in session! Backpacks are packed, homework assigned, and a normal routine of washing uniforms, bus schedules, extracurricular activities, and trying to give everyone 100% of your attention and time is BACK!

As your child prepares for a new season of life in a new grade with a new teacher we all look forward to celebrating their victories, support the difficulties, and watch our little babies grow into independent young adults ready to take on the world! … Or at least Kindergarten for now.

Members of the B100 MomSquad have written letters to their children with words of encouragement, goals, and love. No matter the grade or age, we all wish to see our children learn more and excel in every area for upcoming school years. I will follow up with these Moms when school is over to check back in to see how their year was and how their goals have changed.

Dione shares:

My Darling Daughter, I cannot believe the day has come that you are going off to KINDERGARTEN! It is so cliché to say “it seems like only yesterday” that you were just a tiny baby but it is true! I did not realize how fast time could go until you were born.

We got the phone call that Mama T wanted us to be your parents. When we met her we knew that God had brought us together, and time seemed to fly by while also going so slow as we waited for you! When you were born, it was one of the best days of my life (when your adoption became official was another of the best days ever!)! But things went by so fast as you grew… weeks… then months… then you were rolling over… then getting your first tooth…then trying solid foods for the first time (what an adorable mess!)… Then somehow… crawling, walking and talking… meeting all your milestones like a champion! How did that go so fast, my little love?

Just this summer you started riding your bicycle! You had tried to ride some last year with the training wheels but you were not very much into it. This summer you were riding it with the training wheels so well that one day YOU asked ME to take the training wheels off! I always thought that was something that happened later but you wanted to try it so I took the training wheels off that day. We loaded you up with safety gear and helmet (I would have liked to use bubble wrap around you!) and I ran beside you holding you up many, many times that first day. You even got a yard or two on your own before putting your feet down for fear of falling. Then the second day Daddy ran with you, holding you up, and you got even further on your own. By the end of the week, you were riding up and down the street all by yourself! You were anxious to get home from daycare and you would beg to “practice” riding your bicycle! You were so determined to get it right and make me proud. By the end of the summer, you were a pro and we even got you a new big girl bike! You love riding on the street with the little boy next door! I sure hope that you keep that determination for learning and take it into kindergarten with just as much fervor, excitement, and joy!

I am looking forward to watching you learn and grow this year! You already know your alphabet which is absolutely amazing to me. You know Mommy loves to read books and I cannot wait to share that passion with you! I have been reading books to you since you were a little baby but someday soon, you will be able to read to me! With your little imagination, I love when you “read” a book to me now just by making up stories that go along with the pictures in the book or things that you remember me reading to you previously. I remember Spot the Dog from my learning-to-read days so I hope he is still around to see what he is up to these days!

I have a book/ journal that I have written for you that is “Mommy’s One Line a Day” that is a whole bunch of little notes from me to you. I could fill every day of every one of the 5 years in the book with “you are special to me because…” and would still have more to say because I love you.

I am forever grateful that I was chosen to be your Mommy! You are the greatest gift that I could imagine. Daddy and I waited so long for you and we want to give you everything! This first day of Kindergarten when you said, “I don’t want to go! I want to stay with you!” I said that you had to go to school but my heart wanted to keep you home with me, too! I did not want you to know at the time because I want you to see me be brave so that you can be brave too!

The days will get easier as you get to know the routine and you gain confidence. I will keep thinking about you all day at school and wonder how you are doing. I hope that you make friends easily! I hope you continue to enjoy learning and can adapt to the new pace of kindergarten. You are smart, you are kind, you are empathetic, and you are a beautiful little person from the inside to the outside. I love you more than all the grains of sand in the desert! Mommy

Heather shares:

To my oldest pride and joy: I knew for years that this transition to a new building would be tough. I know that change is scary for you. I have prayed so many nights that you could get past the scariness of change and unknown and see the amazing opportunities that lie ahead of you. My hope is that one day soon you will look back at these first few weeks of school and see the strength you have shown and the perseverance that it’s taken to overcome the anxiety. I hope you meet many new friends this year and learn some amazing new things, but most of all I hope you grow. I want you to grow as a person not just intellectually. I want you to grow in the heart. I want you to be the person that sits with the lonely kid, talks to the one in class who’s always alone or help the new student that comes mid-year and is lost.

I will never care how good your grades are, although I always expect your best effort, I care more about what kind of human you are growing into. I know that in 6 months and 6 years from now you will look back and see how strong you are and how much you have grown and you will never let your anxiety hold you back from doing great things. Mom and Dad love you so much! We are so proud of you and how far you have come and pray for how far you will continue to go.

From Corinne:

Dear Dev, my sweet girl, the old phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”, is so true in your case. Grandma Great and I were so blessed that your mom shared you with us as you grew from an inquisitive little girl into a brilliant young lady.

We knew you were destined for greatness on the first day we walked into Liberty Elementary. The woman at the front desk didn’t know what to do with you as all the kindergarten classes were full. Mrs. Kline walked in and you looked up at her with those big brown eyes and smiled, capturing her heart. After she talked to you for a minute or so, she looked at that woman and said, “I want her in my class!“ You have continued capturing hearts since that day.

I realize you are a junior in college now, but transferring away to the Windy City has made me realize just how vulnerable we all are. We must share you and your passion with the world one city at a time! I am so excited for you as you spread your wings and fly! Following your dreams and passion for fashion and not my dreams for a medically inclined career.

As you go through the next year I want you to keep your light, shining that smile and sparkle you always have glowing! Don’t let any negativity, drama or stress bring you down. Soar above all that! “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ.” Philippians 4:6-7 I love you clear to the silvery moon and beyond into eternity!!!! Love, Grandma



How heartwarming to read each letter, written with such love! Each letter is to a student who is at the brink of somewhere new – in more ways than one. I hope you and your family have a wonderful school year!

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