If you’re like us, we are crazy busy these days!! Church, karate, ballet, piano, quizzing, etc. It’s amazing how we went from a virtual world, back to these crazy mom chauffer days! Let me encourage you that you are doing a rock star job!! Motherhood is a giant balance of keeping everything and everyone in line, while also taking care of YOU!!

Self-care seems extremely sparse when there is so much loaded on our plates, but I’ve found recently a few tips to really help when I’m feeling burnt out.

Evaluate Your Body

It sounds crazy, but listen to your body and feel where you may need some adjusting. Literally! I started seeing a chiropractor again, and WOW! The results in just a few months have been astounding. My headaches, back pain, and sciatic nerve pain have decreased over the last few months and I feel like I have regained so much! I wasn’t even able to stand at the kitchen sink for more than 10 minutes without being in pain!! Now I have more energy and feel so much better!

Invest In All The Cozy

Due to all my back and neck pain (Helllllllooo life in your 30s!), I splurged and got the coziest sheets, comforter, and specific neck pillow. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!

I feel like some of my anxiety and mood swings are due to a lack of sleep. I’m usually up 6-7 times a night with my kids consistently finding their way to my bed, or tending to Ruby who JUST started sleeping through the night. But there is hope!! This is such a small slice of their life, and I know they’ll only want to climb in my bed for a little while longer.

Put The Phone Away

My feelings about our phones are so touchy. See what I did there? I get the benefits, but I also see a detriment to my mood when I’m on my phone too much.

Instead of reaching out in text to my friends, I started inviting them over. Personal conversation is so powerful, and I know my kids love having guests over as well. I love to host and have a cup of coffee or tea waiting for our special guests. It’s a great opportunity to reach a level that texting cannot.

I’m also a firm believer in leaving my phone out of the bedroom. I found myself checking it before I go to sleep and then having a horrible time falling /staying asleep.

Take Time To Pray And Read Scripture

Whenever I need a recharge, I realize I haven’t been diving into the Word like I want to. As I read the promises of love, hope, and joy, I journal prayers, thoughts, cute things the kids have done, etc. As I reflect, I can feel a warm calm wash over me.

While some days I feel so distracted with feelings of guilt, or feeling like things aren’t in my control, I have to remember that today is all I can manage, and tomorrow really will worry about itself. Prayer is powerful, and I’m grateful for a gift that allows me to reconnect with my Heavenly Father.

Maybe it’s a chat with your husband, mom, or friend, but make sure that you have a support system to hold you up and encourage you on the days you’re feeling low.

Take Vitamins

My son Nigel just turned 4 and he is ELATED that he can now have TWO vitamins! It’s a big deal when you’re 4!! Well, I realized it’s a big deal when you’re 31 too! I started being diligent about taking vitamins every night, and now I’m also giddy about vitamin time! Vitamin D deficiency can be so potent if you’re experiencing it, and I know I’m one who NEEDS it.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Who else Marie Kondo’d their drawers, closets, and dressers during quarantine? It was amazing to take van loads to Goodwill and feel a sense of real organization. Less stuff = happy me! I mean really, who needs 40 water bottles?!

It’s been a game-changer when it comes to housework. If it doesn’t have a place, I have to decide if we really need it or not, leaving me less to clean up with every day, and more time to spend with my family, which leads me to my last tip…

Share At Least One Meal Together

We have dinner almost every night together, and it’s usually chaotic, but I wouldn’t change it. If you can make time to (again) put technology away and ask each other what the best part of their day was/is, it is so refreshing for the soul to reconnect after a busy day with so much going on. It can also be a blissful bubble away from the crazy that’s in the world right now!


Moms are the glue that hold a family together, and what a gift to experience the treasures of motherhood! Just make sure you’re doing what you can, so you can truly feel the joy in the everyday! If you’re feeling burnt out, please reach out so I can pray for you, or listen if you need someone to talk to! Brittney@b100.com

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