Tap 5 – Bad Luck Beers – Beers that I have been unlucky with, or thought it was something and it turned out to be totally different from what the label presumed to be.

  • Stroh’s – one of my all time favorite “college” beers…and all the quote unquote college beers were bad luck at one time or another. I loved it, because it had a smokiness or something about it that was different from our usual light brew. They always said it was fire brewed for smooth consistent taste. And back in the 80s, I found out they had their own mascot…Alex the Dog. (play clip) Clocks in at a 4.5%…if you find it again, let me know. 
  • Decadent Ales – Cinnamon Bun – The label made this one look like it was going to be what the beer community refers to as a “pastry stout”. Stouts packed with lots of sugar, and a sweetness that makes you think you’re having dessert with your beverage. I should have known by a 6.5% that this was not that, because when my buddy Warren and I poured it, it had an orange/amber hue. I should have read the label, because it’s a pale ale brewed with cinnamon and vanilla glaze. 
  • Stone Brewing – Arrogant Ale and Jägermeister – Here’s a clip from the promo before the beer was released. I was thinking I like their Arrogant Ale and Jägermeister is a pretty good shot when chilled, this should be interesting. Here’s the backstory, I was gifted the opportunity to try this by Warren, who tried it with his buddy and then recapped it so I could try it. The result…bad bad bad. Definitely not for my palate. It’s an 8.5% Frankenstein monster of a beer, that I’m glad I didn’t spend the money on. 
  • Burn ‘Em Brewing – Smells Like Grahamma’s Tarts – I am a big fan of the sour ales. I like something tart, and the balance of fruit is an added bonus. This one for me was not what I thought it would be. It was another one where I saw the label and it ended up being a lot different than what it was – which was a farmhouse ale. Sometimes those can have a sour taste to them, but they also have an underlying horse blanket flavor. It was still really good for a saison. It was brewed with graham crackers and lemon peel to give a nice fruity edge to it. 
  • Trouble Brewing Company – Cat’s Away IPA – This ‘craft’ beer you can only find at Walmart, because they created it. It looks and tastes like an IPA brewed by a local brewery, but it was brewed with one of the biggest retail stores in the world. 5.9% and it was a nicely priced IPA that had me saving money and living better. It’s not a deceptive thing, and they’re not the only ones to do it; because Costco has their own sessionable IPA, Aldi has a few, and when Trader Joes opens next week I’ll have to pop in and see their selection.
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