Trick or treat, pedicure my feet! That’s how it goes, right? Or is that how we want it to go? 😊

We can all agree Halloween is such a great holiday to celebrate with the littles! But let me tell you….Trick or treating as an adult is a totally different story. When I was 21, I dressed up like Flo from Progressive and thought it would be an absolute blast to go and get free-to-me Reese’s cups! My friend Dave accompanied me and dressed like a cop. Also, Dave is over 6 feet tall, so it made it look like I had security.

Lesson learned: adults do NOT want to give candy to two able-bodied adults. The looks, the comments, and even the withholding of candy was heartbreaking to this chocolate and peanut butter-loving soul!

The lesson for me was that it doesn’t matter your age, your costume, or any other factor: It’s a holiday that can bring joy with the likes of Almond Joys. The only Snickers we enjoyed were the ones of the patrons who laughed as we walked away empty-handed.

Drama aside, I really do my best to make it fun, be it taking my kids trick or treating OR passing out goodies.

When you were a kid, who didn’t love the house that had FULL-size candy bars?! I remember this woman who dressed like a witch, handed out goodie BAGS for the kids and a cool steaming “potion” for parents. She went ALL out! Years later, I thought of her and wanted to recreate that awesome experience. I dressed like a pirate, had bags of candy and cans of pop on the ready. Guess how many trick or treaters I had? 0. That’s right. NO ONE showed up at our house that year. I sat there alone with all that BOO-ty.

Another lesson learned: Don’t spend $100 on candy unless you are sure of the trick or treater ratio in said neighborhood. (They should really list that in the house descriptions on Zillow!)

I’ve realized the experiences we’ve had make the howliday something to work for as we have our own kids. My kids love trick or treating and we’ve taken the day by storm with traditions like carving pumpkins after we indulge in the spoils, watch Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin, and visit grandparents to show off costumes.

What are some great Halloween memories and traditions you have for Halloween?

When it comes to Halloween, we CAN all agree on one thing: The REAL holiday is November 1st when Halloween candy is 50% off.

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