By: Brittney Baily

My favorite feeling is Home

It may sound cheesy, but honestly, I LOVE being a homebody! Last year, we didn’t even go on a vacation, we stayed home for the week, and it was glorious. I love making our house a home, and I want it to be a haven of peace for both myself, Patrick, and our kids. 

While our house isn’t always clean (remember the kids above ^ haha!) it definitely has the potential to be! 🙂 

We moved last summer to a house that has SO much built-in storage, and I’ve never felt like a house has spoken my love language so richly before! Moving was also a good push for us to get rid of a lot of stuff we didn’t need!! Not that I would ever recommend moving as a method to de-clutter your life, but I do believe in “less stuff, less stress.”

Marie Kondo started the “Spark Joy” movement, and while I don’t hold everything I own and ask if it sparks joy, I do ask myself if we really need it, do we use it, and how many reusable water bottles does one family really need?

Are you a list maker? If so, we are birds of a feather, and I’m assuming you love office supplies as much as I do!

Monthly or so, my husband and I will make a list room by room of our house and list what we would like to do now and in the future. It’s our quality time, because we’re lame, and again, remember the kids above. 😉 

It really helps us stay focused on home projects, both easy and long term. It also helps that I have a husband who has the same goals, and is SO helpful! He truly helps around the house so much, that I am very, very appreciative of him. 

Now, for the kids that make our home so messy, and our hearts even more full, I firmly believe in having them help as much as possible! Even our 2-year-old knows he has to throw his diaper away after every change and help pick up his room. 

This is OUR house, and I believe we all play a role in making it run smoothly. My kids help fold laundry, and I usually make them fold towels together because teamwork makes the dream work! And NOT folding laundry is my dream. AMIRIGHT?!

What are some of your favorite chores?

I know chores aren’t on top of everyone’s favorites list, but there is such satisfaction in clean floors, organized too-small-baby-clothes, and a big bag headed to a Goodwill donation box. Again, AMIRIGHT?! 🙂 

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, but I feel like you can really get ahead of the work anytime, so when spring does finally decide to show up, you will have more time for zoo trips and bike rides! 

I’m big on incentives, so while my kids aren’t eager beavers to clean their room, if they know they are going on a bike ride or get to watch a movie, it’s easier to keep them focused on the task at hand. 

They also love races and competing, so if I time them against each other on who can finish cleaning their room the fastest or picking up the living room, for now, they find it fun.

My daughter recently asked why she always has to help, and I instill that I am NOT the only one who has to work in the house. I show her that it’s all of our responsibility. 

What are the chores your kids have in the house, and do you offer incentives? Maybe allowance?

My heart feels less stressed when there is less clutter, and we all know when Mom is stressed, it trickles down to everyone else. If you’re feeling stressed while swimming in a mess, reach out and ask for help! There are local professional organizers, but I know so many people that I could reach out to and either ask for help or ask for my kids to hang out at their house so I can tackle a big project. Reach out to your bestie and do what you need to make it happen. 

We recently found out that we’re expecting a new little sweetie this year, and we are elated!! Before the new baby comes, I would love to have a lot of our house projects finished, but I also know we’ve got nothing but time to make it our own. 

What are some big house projects you have in the works? I’d love to see your before and after photos of what you’ve accomplished! Share them in the Mom Squad Facebook Group!

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