Chris Stapleton doesn’t like Beer…“Just not into it,” he said, then he chuckled. “It wasn’t for lack of trying. But I like bourbon. I’ll stick with that.” – LATimes – KBS from Founders – a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout that’s now available all year long. This one I used to chase…hunt around this time and they only made so much, so you could only buy a few at a time, or like one 4 pack. This one has coffee and chocolate, and a really nice bourbon heat on the beer.

Thomas Rhett shared his favorite beer recipe for the summer and it included a “beer of your choice”, tequila lime seasoning, a fresh lime, and a frozen beer glass. Dos Equis for this one. It’s a great mexican lager that drinks like a bavarian pilsner! It’s crisp, refreshing, light bodied with a little malt flavor. I love this one with mexican food, and from his post, I thought it would be a good solid pick for that recipe. He also has his own tequila, Dos Primos, so the Dos y Dos would be a good combo!

Luke Bryan has his OWN beer…Two Lane…which is only available in 7 states right now, and it’s all in the south. I’m going to GA this summer, so I’ll look for it and haul some back to town. Right now it’s just an american Golden lager, as well as hard seltzer. If you’re curious about the flavor profile of this one, I’d pick up Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Dortmunder Gold…it has aromas of floral hops, grains, hints of sweet corn, and honey. A well balanced golden lager that mimics the german styles. Ps. I hope he feels better and is on the mend, so he can enjoy cold ones super soon.

Eric Church is from an area in North Carolina, that’s about an hour away from one of my favorite beer cities, Asheville, NC. There are 48 breweries in the greater Asheville area and it has the 2nd highest number of breweries per capita, in the US. One that comes from the Asheville area is Hi-Wire and now they distribute to our neck of the woods. From Hi-Wire, I’m gonna go with Bed of Nails. This one is a brown ale…it’s more malt forward than any of the others. It’s modeled after a typical english brown, like a newcastle, but this one has more of the toffee and dark fruit flavors for a brown.

Luke Combs – this one was super easy, and I cannot believe we haven’t featured this one in all the weeks we’ve been doing a Tap 5. Type luke combs favorite beer into google, and you get… MILLER LITE. He said, too – “My all-time favorite beer – Miller Lite – sent us an awesome groom’s cake in honor of our wedding day,” said country singer Luke Combs. “I’ve been a fan of Miller Lite for years and truly appreciate all they did to make Nicole’s and my day that cool.”

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