This week’s Tap 5 is paired with the Junior Achievement Wine and Beer Fest! We love their mission and also getting out to support the great cause. Plus, we can finally DO SOMETHING SOCIAL! 🙂 

  • Sun King Brewery
    • Sunlight Cream Ale – This is a refreshing 5.3% easy drinker that looks and tastes like a lager, but has a sweet and balanced malt backbone. Brittney tried the Orange Vanilla variant when we were at the Spring in Goshen for our photo shoot. This original has won several awards at the Great American Beer festival over the year… Definitely try this one if it’s available. 
  • Maplewood Brewery
    • Son of Juice – This is a relatively new brewery to the area, from chicago…it sits about 3 miles southwest of Wrigley and they have had some really great stuff come from them. This Son of Juice is a Hazy, New England Style IPA with two of my favorite hops in it: mosaic and simcoe. It’s full of tropical fruit and a really nice finish that is low in bitterness. It’s a 6.3% abv, but with the smoothness you won’t notice that abv. 
  • 2 Toms Brewing
    • This brewery is a neighbor to the east from Ft Wayne. Last year they celebrated 2 years and made a beer called Painkiller for their luau party. It’s a pretty unique IPA because they soured it, and then aged it in Jamaican Rum Barrels, and conditioned it with real pineapple, oranges, and added some nutmeg. It’s such an interesting beer…that tasted like a Mai Tai cocktail and it turned out phenomenal. Whatever they have that’s sour tonight, give it a try!
  • Studebaker Brewery
    • A local brewery atop the Tippecanoe Place Restaurant. We’ve paired with them on making beers in the past. They have a great menu and their taps rotate frequently with new things to try. Right now they have a stout called Milk the Stonks. It’s on the sweeter side and a good dessert beer because they brew it with cocoa nibs and lactose (milk sugar). The other really great part about this one is that it clocks in at 5%, so it’s really smooth and delectable. 
  • Crooked Ewe Brewery
    • A brewery that is basically my neighborhood brewery. I featured their award winning scotch ale on a previous tap 5. One thing that I like a lot about them (other than being able to walk or ride my bike there) is that they consistently have two GREAT IPAs on Tap, and hopefully they’ll feature one of those tonight. The one that is perfect for right now, is there Westfield American Wheat Ale. It has a hint of citrus with the backing sweet wheat malt flavor. Mildly hoppy, so it drinks similar to a Blue Moon, or Oberon, or a 312 Urban Wheat from Goose Island. Based on the forecast for this event, you’ll crave a few of these later this evening.



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