Krispy Kreme – Original Hot Donut – Pabst Blue Ribbon (Lager)

This being one of the original light lagers, it was selected as America’s Best in 1893. Just like the hot donuts, this one is easy drinking and I feel like by the time you’re done with one, you will be on to the next one. I’m not encouraging over-indulgence, but I will encourage eating more than one of these when they are HOT. Plus, I love window gazing and checking out the assembly line at the location in Mishawaka, so I bet I would love seeing the assembly line at the brewery. It clocks in at a 4.8% and is relatively low in hop flavor…but definitely has a delicious full body flavor, and a great nose. If you want to get crazy, try a bro-mosa and add some orange juice to the brew for a great treat. 

Dunkin Donuts – Munchkins – Shorts Lil Huma (Session IPA)

The munchkins are small and you get a different flavor in every bite, so I wanted to include a small IPA. I just had this one last weekend and it was surprisingly delightful. For an IPA it only clocks in at a 4.5% and a great session for IPA lovers. And if you’re watching how many carbs you’re consuming, but also LOVE beer (like myself) this one only has 4 carbs per can. I’ve been a fan of Shorts brewing since they were only distributed in Michigan, and this one mimics it’s ‘older brother’ Huma Lupa Licious with the same 5 different hops used in their best selling IPA.

Rise n Roll – Cinnamon Caramel Donut – 3 Floyds Zombie Dust (Pale Ale)

These two are paired together because they changed the game when they were introduced into the market. I can remember the first time I had a Rise n Roll, and the same goes for Zombie Dust. Both are highly sought after and a treat to have on any occasion. ZD is a citra based pale ale, that is intensely hopped, and punches the tongue compared to other pales. It almost drinks like an IPA, but it only clocks in at 6.5%. In the beer industry, there are often trades for beers around the country, ones we can’t get…and this one was always a good beer to trade with those on the west coast. 

Martin’s Supermarket – Chocolate Covered Long John – Revolution – Cafe Deth (Imperial Coffee Stout)

To me, there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a rich, sweet, cream filled long john. The balance is there. I go to Martin’s for a quick pick up and then grab some coffee from the in-store starbucks, it’s like the planned it. This one from Revolution is from their barrel aged series. They use fresh roasted whole bean coffee from their neighbors in Chicago – Dark Matter Coffee, and oatmeal to give it a nice smooth mouthfeel. This is one you want to sip on. It’s 14.8% and as it comes up to temperature, you’ll get different notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, and sweet cream. 

Blue Gate Restaurant – Chocolate Covered Sprinkled Donut – Bell’s Old Fashioned Holiday Ale

There’s nothing like an old fashioned sprinkled donut. My kids are fans of those wherever we go! Blue Gate has great shows coming up, with a hotel and restaurant onsite. If you stay the night after something like Lee Brice, try the breakfast and the donuts. Bell’s Old Fashioned Holiday Ale is named after the popular cocktail, because it tastes like it. They take a scotch ale, which is boozy in and of itself, throw it in a barrel, and add dried orange peel and cherries. It’s a 10.8% so I would recommend sipping on this one, too.

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