Crooked Ewe

  • Post 1167 Cream Ale – The Crooked Ewe is in a remodeled Old VFW Post and this one pays homage to that location. This is one of the beers that’s been on their menu since the beginning, and it’s one of the lightest and most refreshing on their menu. It’s crispy, has a bit of a bready-ness to it, and it comes in at a flat 5%. Because it has such a light mouthfeel, and a staple at the brewery, I’ll pair this one with a staple at the fair – the Elephant Ear.

Evil Czech

  • Cashmere Ousside – A neighbor to us in our own backyard, these guys not only crank out incredible food; but they also put out tasty brews. This one obviously was named after the Cash Me Outside girl from Dr. Phil, and it’s personally one of my new favorites from these guys. It’s very tropical on the nose, and you’ll get pineapple, orange, and even some bananas when you initially go in for the taste. They use a strain of hops called Cashmere which brings a nice lemon/lime zest to this IPA…but it’s not very hoppy. It’s super approachable, and almost too easy to drink at a 7%. This one gets paired with deep fried pickles.

Cashmere Ousside


  • Sunspot – As a good old fashioned hefeweizen, this one is another one that is as refreshing as it gets. When you pour it, it has a nice orange haziness; with a tropical fruit and banana scent that comes off. Since it also has an orange and lighty yeasty flavor, this one is particularly enjoyable in the summer…perfect for porch or patio drinking.  I would pair this one with another fair staple – the Corn Dog – footlong if you’re up for it.

South Bend Brew Werks

  • Stargazer – These guys have a brand new location in South Bend, right across from Four Winds Field; but this has been their mainstay IPA since the humble beginnings on Michigan Street in South Bend. This one is not overly floral for an IPA, not very piney either; but it is pretty hoppy and citrusy. If you like a traditional IPA that has a good malt to hop balance, this one is for you. It’s a 6.8% so be cautious after 2. This one would go great with one of the most affordable food options at the fair – the grilled cheese from the Dairy Bar.


Bare Hands

  • Sleeping Lion – These guys consistently put out amazing beers at their taproom up in Granger. While there are no lions at the fair, there are plenty of animals to see and hear. They classify Sleeping Lion as an Imperial Porter, but this is not your average dark beer. There is an intense amount of Centennial hops packed into this one that will leave you wondering what you just drank; because it’s dark and roasty, and has a hint of caramel. Drinker beware – you’re in for a 9%. As a favorite on the list, and my favorite dessert at the fair – the Fried Oreos.

Sleeping Lion

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