By: Brittney Baily

Greetings B100 Mom Squad!! It was last April that I turned my key into B100, unsure if I would be back on the radio in any capacity. I wasn’t the only one who faced an absolute shake-up in our normal day-to-day life thanks to the pandemic. As we faced the “uncertain times” globally, our family was *certainly* expecting great things with our 5th baby! I had no idea that I wouldn’t be working last year, but I had faith that God would carry us through…and HE has! When I was temporarily let go from the Bee I had an overwhelming feeling of calm and peace as I embraced the unexpected time at home with my children.  Thankfully, my husband Patrick continued to work while we spent every day living to the fullest!

Looking back it was one of the happiest times of my life. I have always wished for the balance of working AND being a stay-at-home Mom, and I feel like I had that opportunity for just a few months.

While I didn’t know if I would be working again, I did know that I would be welcoming our sweet baby girl in August.

Ruby Joy was born on August 25th and was welcomed with an elated greeting from her big brothers and sister!! It’s amazing to bring home a new baby, but it’s the most magical feeling to see your older children squeal with delight as they meet their newest best friend.

After she was born I had the opportunity not only to come back to B100, but find myself waking up a LOT earlier to a shift that I had only dreamed about! The B100 Morning Show has been an absolute blast since we launched in January! My co-host is one of my most favorite people, and we’ve actually known each other for over 10 years! (I also like to brag, that I had the chance to introduce him to his WIFE!!)

Although this is the MOM Squad, we are hiring Zach to be our Resident Dad, as he also is a parent to 2 sweet kiddos!


From Zach:

What a month to join! Currently, my house is a *buzz* with birthdays – as my two littles, Jonah and Hadley (under 2 years apart) are turning 6 and 4 this month. They are my wife and I’s mini-mes in different ways and it has been so much fun to see their personalities develop over the years.

Fun side story: Brittney (by an incredible chance) introduced me to my beautiful wife of 8 years, Laura, at the House Hacienda on Lincolnway…and the rest is history.

With meeting new people, I get the question how a “Georgia-raised, southerner” made his way up here. Truthfully, I wish I had a fun/entertaining answer, but it was just for Goshen College, the alma mater of my father. The fun and exciting part is the career found in radio afterwards, and then meeting my wife (a South Bend native).

When I am not on the radio, I enjoy all things beer related – from the big guys and imports to the local breweries around town. I also host a side show called “Music to My Beers”, which incorporates craft beer chit chat and delicious adult beverages you should try. Some other hobbies include bird watching (no, really…last year he spotted about 100 different ones of the 914 found in North America), playing Nintendo Switch with the kids, vacationing in Northern Michigan, and binge watching a new show.

I am looking forward to getting to know you as the newest member of the Mom Squad.


Getting to know us together:

1)     Where is your favorite place to take your kids on a sunny weekend?

Brittney: We LOVE to visit the Crystal Springs Creamery in Osceola where they have the BEST chocolate milk you’ll ever taste!

Zach: We live a hop, skip and jump from Howard Park, so we have been loving walking to visit the newest park in South Bend.

2)     You go to the fridge and find carrots, celery, and chicken breast…what do you make?

Zach: Stir Fry! It goes great on rice, or spinach, and my family loves it!

Brittney: Chicken Pot Pie! It’s a hit in our house and not too hard to make!

3)     What’s your favorite kid’s book?

Brittney: The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Zach: Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

We are SO excited to be working together to bring joy and laughter to your mornings, and work together through our B100 MomSquad! Find our Facebook group and join in the fun!

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